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17-18 June 2019

Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv


We live in disruptive times, both exciting and alarming, with vast opportunities and threats to the core of what it means to be human.


Healthcare, too, is nearing a singularity point where technologies will converge and transform it completely. Robotics, Artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing and manipulation, Imaging technologies, Big data management , brain sciences and other technologies create new fields in medicine, new approaches to sickness and health, and have a potential to transform us, humans, to a new, better species, or to extinction.


These trends are exciting, but we can only see beginnings towards that future. In order to understand the path towards that future, to learn about the building blocks required to safely move in the right direction, we need a better perspective and learn about the current, cutting edge practice, the near future, and look further to the horizon.


Israel is a vibrant hub for healthcare. It has some of the largest HMO’s in the world, a digitized, centralized healthcare system for decades that uses predictive medicine and personalized care, high level clinical care starting at the community and ending in cutting-edge medical centers, and a huge, active start-up

scene of close to 700 companies busy trying to shape all aspects of the future of healthcare and close to 1000 life-science companies.


In June 16-17 we will bring together top clinicians, senior members of the global healthcare industry, venture capitals,  senior policy makers, and high level scientists from across the globe to discuss and learn about the future of healthcare. 




We will learn from leading physicians about cutting edge technologies that transform healthcare right now




Opinion leaders from different parts of the world will tell us about the trends, opportunities and threats to the near future of healthcare.




Scientists and entrepreneurs will show us a glimpse of technologies that will disrupt healthcare as we know it. Ones that are still in labs, being developed away from the mainstream.


The conference  will also play as a stage to well-selected star-ups to pitch their ideas and interact directly with clinicians,  international companies and policy makers.



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Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv

FutureMed IL

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